Laura Woodward-Drake, chairman of Exmouth Chamber of Commerce, writes for the Journal.

Like every year, the large chain supermarkets compete for impact with their Christmas adverts.

One that resonated with me was Tesco’s ‘no naughty list’ campaign and it’s certainly something we should all consider: taking a break and treating ourselves! Whether that be to rest, relax or indulge in luxury food. As I’ve said in most of my pieces – It's been a difficult year, so looking after ourselves and recharging those batteries is a must.

Exmouth has some amazing eateries in the town, one of which I’ve become a regular in thanks to the warming experience as you walk in the door and tasty treats dotted throughout.

Deli on the Strand, situated in the heart of the square, have really blossomed this year, combining their usual delicious food and drink offerings with varied gift options, hampers and mixed indulgent platters.

They’ve fortunately been able to continue throughout the second lockdown, thanks to the support of their customers and the innovation of their offerings.

From beautiful handmade masks, to stunning floral offerings from Wood Barn Flowers, to a mixture of luxury and local produce, the Deli is a stunning hub of treats.

Sarah, Stuart and their fantastic team have created a beautiful social media presence to highlight all of these items and engage with their local community.

It’s businesses like this which make me proud to be part of such a vibrant and creative business community.

Retail and hospitality very rarely take time to close during Christmas, due to it being one of the most popular times. Now, more than ever, is a time where they are all working hard to keep their ideas fresh and their pastries/coffee/cakes/gift ideas even fresher.

It’s a message that has really stepped up this year, but shopping and supporting local is the theme of 2020, 2021 and hopefully beyond.

So if you know someone who deserves a boost or need one yourself, I recommend popping into Exmouth town centre and grabbing something fresh from somewhere wonderful like the Deli.

With our amazing open Strand, often looked after by the wonderful Exmouth in Bloom team and many more volunteers, you can stop, sit and just enjoy. Weather dependent of course, this is still England after all.

As we head into 2021, we have so many exciting developments in the town centre and I’m sure we all look forward to it becoming a lively hub once again.

Thank you to all of the retail and hospitality businesses for persisting through this year and adapting their services where possible.