East Devon student Alexandra Walters, who is studying journalism and media at Exeter College, writes for this title

Exmouth Journal: Alexandra Walters, who writes for this titleAlexandra Walters, who writes for this title (Image: Alexandra Walters)

I'm sure we can all say we have felt unmotivated at some point recently, especially since we have been placed under lockdown again.

I for one can say I have been struggling to keep up with college work, trying to work out from home and just generally finding motivation to do anything.

However, from my experience the key to finding it again is not always as difficult as we believe, don't think about where you currently are, job, school or college wise, think about where you would like to be by the end of this year.

Working hard on that target, whether it be for a job, education or losing weight, consider what your goal will be and endeavour to gain that result. Looking at the bigger picture rather than the current struggles, is the most effective way of staying positive and motivated.

This can be done through planning ideas, giving yourself enough time to do what you need and not leaving it all until the last minute. One of the main problems a lot of us have been facing throughout the lockdown periods is dealing with our general wellbeing.

Taking the time out of our day to exercise, even in a small way, can help to clear our minds as well as giving our bodies a much needed boost. Simply getting out into the fresh air and going for a walk in nature can help improve your mood and can create a more motivated outlook. Sometimes I forget how beautiful places are around Devon, with dramatic coastal and stunning countryside walks.

We are indeed spoilt in this part of the Country and it provides us with a break from the worries we are all faced with during these difficult times. Talking to friends and family can also help us to cope.

Destressing is a great way to get motivated again and improve your mental health.

I have already started to re-motivate myself and will continue to improve in order to accomplish my goals and make this year a positive rather than a negative one. I hope you will to.