East Devon journalism student Alexandra Walters writes for this title

Exmouth Journal: Alexandra Walters, who writes for this titleAlexandra Walters, who writes for this title (Image: Alexandra Walters)

I'm sure we have all had those days where we don't feel quite right in our own skin, maybe we see a photo on our social media or in a magazine of a socially approved 'perfect' body type that is realistically unreachable but still makes us feel bad about the way we look.

As we are in another new lockdown this has become more of an issue as many of us are dealing with alterations with our body types whether that be through more food consumption and less exercise or more at home workouts and strict dieting.

The idea of the perfect body type is a subjective matter therefore people should not be shamed for how they choose to appear. fat shaming and skinny shaming are both prevalent issues that many young people as well as older people deal with every day and it can take a serious toll on people's mental health especially when its trolling or bullying online.

As we are currently under strict lockdown rules it can be difficult for people to escape the hate they receive on their appearance as they find it more difficult to reach out and talk to people.

The whole mindset of the 'perfect' body image must be altered by both young people and previous generations for this issue to be stopped and to help those who have been mentally scared or effected by this type of bullying.

Everyone has different body types and reasons behind them, so we all need to become more aware and open minded before judging someone based solely on their appearance. keeping healthy mindsets during these difficult times can be a challenge. simply getting outside for fresh air or talking to someone you trust online or safely in person could be the difference between someone having a breakdown over bullying or judgemental words or being able to confront and get over them.

I was helped by my supportive family when I experienced online bullying. We all need some extra awareness at this time so be sure to use your voice to improve lives and not destroy them.