My name is Daniel Wilkins, and I am the Community Editor of the Exmouth Journal.

I hope you are staying safe and are as well as you can be in these extraordinary times.

Hopefully, you will have found our content useful in the past few months as we have focussed heavily on stories that offer support, advice and hope to our communities during this testing period.

I also hope you like the new look of the Journal with its unique mix of human-interest stories and community correspondents which celebrate all that is 'outstanding' in our lovely and beautiful area.

Times have been extremely challenging for my industry and newspapers. Like virtually all businesses, we have not escaped the impact of Covid as large chunks of the economy have been shut down.

We have managed to battle through and still bring you the Journal, but I thought that I should let you know that, at least in the short-term, we are having to look at how and where we deliver the newspaper. For the next few weeks, you may find that the Journal does not arrive through your letter box as normal while we temporarily review our distribution network.

You will still be able to buy a copy of the newspaper at these locations: Exmouth and Budleigh newspaper pick up points

I can only apologise for any inconvenience, but we want to make sure we can continue to produce and deliver a quality newspaper with our distinct community feel. This interim measure will help assure that going forward.

If you have any issues, ring our distribution team on 01603 772680 or email