One of the many restrictions being lifted on May 17 will be the opportunity to savour a hit movie on the big screen.
The excitement is building for Scott Cinemas, who have sites in Barnstaple, Exmouth and Sidmouth, as well as locations in Cornwall, Somerset and Bristol. The Newton Abbot cinema will open in July on completion of a refurbishment project.
When those doors do finally open, Scott Cinemas have trusted policies in place to ensure safety and enjoyment, with great films like Nomadland, Peter Rabbit 2 and Godzilla Vs Kong all coming soon.
“It is thrilling news to be open again after a long road,” said Nick Bowd, Marketing, Retail and Support Manager for Scott Cinemas. “We closed our doors again in December and we’re grateful to finally reopen with the support of multiple film studios releasing some high-quality films.
“The cinema experience will initially be similar to last year, with limited capacity and masks on while you watch the film, but you can obviously take them off when eating or drinking.
“Social distancing will be in place and everything will be done to keep people safe but once you are in your seat, it is all about enjoying the movie.”
The unique cinema experience awaits movie fans across the region and the team at Scott Cinemas are just as excited as their guests.
“We look forward to welcoming people because we had such a great reaction from the last time we opened,” added Bowd. “After months of watching content on the streaming channels, people will be blown away by a return to the cinema experience.
“We were doing test runs the other day and there is nothing like the visuals and sound of a cinema. We have a great projector set-up and there are no distractions from the outside world while you’re in the cinema.
“The staff are all thrilled, they just can’t wait to get back. The enthusiasm is there from everyone to get the cinemas open again and to welcome people into the big screen. It is just a great atmosphere in the cinema world.”