2,300 say bring Tar Barrels explosion 'idiot' to justice

THOUSANDS of people have slammed the 'thoughtless moron' who caused a Tar Barrels explosion on Thursday, injuring innocent bystanders.

THOUSANDS of people have slammed the "thoughtless moron" who caused a Tar Barrels explosion on Thursday, injuring innocent bystanders.

Scores of angry Facebook members want the culprit who threw an aerosol can into a lit barrel, sparking a blast which burnt onlookers, brought to justice- and said the actions of one "idiot" could endanger Ottery's cherished tradition.

It is understood the explosion saw twelve people taken to hospital, many with burns to their faces.

Two-thousand-three-hundred people and counting had joined the 'Tar Barrel aerosol thrower to be brought to justice' group on Monday morning.

"I'm completely disgusted and very angry and upset that some complete idiots have not only injured some of my best friends but could have also ruined what should be a fun night and a tradition that is hundreds of years old," read one comment.

"Somebody has to have seen who did it, or someone knows the person who did it. I hope their conscience keeps them from sleeping until they confess. People I know, decent people who wouldn't hurt a fly, could be scarred for life because of that and it is simply unimaginable how people can be that inconsiderate," said another.

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A police spokesperson told the Herald this morning that any information on the incident, which took place near the town's factory site at around 10.15pm on Thursday night, will be welcomed.

Anyone with information on the incident can contact police on 08452 777444.

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