Tribute to Garth Gibson - Exmouth's Town Crier

EXMOUTH is in mourning following the death of popular town crier and author Tregarthen Gibson on Wednesday evening.

EXMOUTH is in mourning following the death of popular town crier and author Tregarthen Gibson on Wednesday evening.

Garth, 83, had been walking back from the Annual general Meeting of the Exmouth Society, when he collapsed.

Garth, a much loved and popular figure, could be seen regularly in the Magnolia Centre in all his pomp and regalia informing residents of the latest news.

He was inaugurated as Town Crier in 2000, won the Devon County Championships of Town Criers in 2005 and penned two books entitled 'Exmouth her Age of Elegance' and 'Oh Yez, Oh Yez , Oh Yez' the story of a Town Crier.

He worked literally up to the last minute, announcing the inauguration of the new mayor at the town council's AGM as recent as Monday.

Town clerk John Wokersien said they had several meetings on Wednesday including one with the Exmouth Shanty Men.

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"He lived life to the full," said John. "We had a great day yesterday. He will be missed.


Garth was an ambassador for Exmouth. A lovely man with a mischevious way. He gave his time to so many groups in Exmouth. A very sad day for the town. From the Hockings-Thompson family

Exmouth has lost a very special person .

From Giuseppe-jo

The loss of dear, dear Garth is an overwhelming tragedy for Exmouth and everyone who knew Garth. He was the most amazing man, very supportive to all community groups, and such a thoroughly nice person. A larger than life figure who put Exmouth on the map at every available opportunity. He will be sorely missed. He supported many of our events, and most notably he started our Duck Race on Easter Sunday, just a few short weeks ago, and his presence made a huge difference. Our sincere condolences are extended to his wife and family.

From Cynthia Hopkins

President, Exmouth (Clyst Valley) Lions Club

It is 10.00 on Saturday May 22 and an hour ago I picked up my Herald in my hall and casually flipped through it, being a microcosm of the Journal, so I was numbed and shocked to read of Garth's death. Being sudden, the unexpected shock is the greater but he ended his heartwarming life to the full at the end. Being Cornish as well, I enjoyed many times with Garth on foot and at his lovely flat overlooking the estuary. To his widow I send deepest sympathy. Garth in a way was an Exmouth institution. I knew nothing about Town Criers before having the pleasure and honour of meeting and knowing Garth. I can only say that if every Town in Britain had a Crier of his equal, then Britain would not only Bloom as in Exmouth, but would be Great again.

From: Anthony Robinson, Exmouth

What was wonderful was the way he gave so generously of his time, turning up to support Exmouth causes, well beyond the call of duty’. For example he spent nearly two hours helping us to give out Fairtrade bananas during Fairtrade Fortnight – and it was evident that he knew almost everyone in town!

From: Peter Brain

Fairtrade Town’ campaign.

Garth became a strong supporter of our Care Home & a good friend to us (Gina & Ray Kerler-Lovegrove) Proprietors.

Son of Exmouth , man of heart, strong in voice, with a roguish laugh and truly captivating smile. This is the memory of Tregarthen Gibson we will always remember.

From all residents & staff of Manor Lodge Residential Care Home

Garth became a strong supporter of our Care Home & a good friend to us (Gina & Ray Kerler-Lovegrove) Proprietors, Manor Lodge Residential Care Home

I have been so very privileged to have Known Garth through the 'shanty Men' He was such a Special Person full of love and Humour with time for everyone so many peoples lifes have been touched by him and lifes changed for the better just by Knowing him and meeting him. My lasting memory will be him Singing at my Birtday party and announcing it 'Loudly as he did ' I send my deepest commiseration to Mrs Gibson and all the 'Family that Surrounded' that truly wonderful Man. With respect and my good wishes Ruby Horwell

Exmouth just won't be the same without Garth. He was a great supporter of our efforts at the Blackmore Theatre, as he was of everything going on in the town, and will be missed so much. On a personal note, my wife and I can remember being welcomed to Exmouth by Garth when we were visiting the town long before we moved here. When I was working for the Exmouth Festival a few years ago I got to know him really well. I think he was the instigator of a circulation list, attached to a document circulating in the Town Hall at the time, which read "TC, TC, TC, TC", translating as Town Clerk, Town Crier, Trevor Cope (the Mayor), Tony Christopher". Ever after he would greet me with "Hello TC!", to which I would reply "Hello TC!". Farewell to a wonderful man.

from Tony Christopher, Exmouth Players

As a new town crier in 2005 Garth was so reassuring to me and full of encouragement towards me, it was his enthusiasm that impressed me and stirred me on, several successes later and Garth was still an ispiration to me. Exmouth has indeed lost a GREAT man and we have lost a true mentor

Roger Pinder & Sally Reeves Town Crier & Escort Kingsbridge Devon

I was sorry to hear of the passing of your town crier, Garth Gibson. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and when we were visiting Exmouth a couple of summers ago, my daughter was so happy to be greeted by this man, all dressed up in his town crier clothing, when we attended the local hospital garden fete. He was kind and fun, and we have some lovely photos of him. People make an impact on the world in all sorts of ways and I am sure your town will truly miss him. I certainly will not forget him.

Margriet Warren