Window concern

THE accuracy of vital information backing a controversial bid to retain illegal building work at a Colony home has been called into question.

An attempt to retain a previously constructed rear dormer window that did not have planning permission at 15 Woodville Road was discussed by town planners on Monday.

The applicant is applying for a certificate of lawful use – under planning law, if a development is built without permission, but remains unnoticed by district council planning enforcers, it is deemed legal.

But the work has to be in ‘continuous use’ for 10 years or for four years if the development is used as a home.

But that has to be proved and councillors on Monday said they had been inundated with complaints and accusations from neighbours that all was not as it seemed.

Cllr Eileen Wragg at the town hall’s planning meeting on Monday said: “This is a real cause for concern for neighbouring residents.

“There are concerns about the accuracy of the information supplied to the local planning authority.

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“It is vital residents get in contact with their ward members about this, regardless if they are for or against it.

“There is disquiet about the statement made by the applicant relating to the dormer window and whether it had previously existed as claimed.”

Cllr Steve Gazzard said: “I have just today received 15 letters of objection

“It has caused a lot of problems.

“The developer is saying one thing and the residents something else.

“The time the development has been there ranges from two years to 35 years depending who you speak to.”

Any information that either supports or contradicts the evidence should be forwarded to the district council’s planning department immediately.