Village could stretch further

Otterton could be “lengthened” after villagers chose where they would prefer to see 15 new homes located.

Following a recent public meeting, villagers were given a choice of which of four sites they would prefer to see developed – and they chose land north-west of Ottery Street.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) asked landowners to propose parcels of land that could potentially be developed.

It is all part of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) – EDDC is required by the Government to identify potential sites for development up to 2026.

If they do not, the village could in future have planning decisions forced upon it.

Seven parcels of land were proposed, but several were not considered because they are either “undevelopable” or because the landowner does not wish to develop.

The other sites were The Old Orchard, Behind Hayes; by Lea Road, Behind Hayes; and a patch of land east of Ottery Street.

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Parish clerk David Ottley said: “The parish’s chosen site was to the north-west of Ottery Street [beyond North Star Engineering].

“This site would extend the linear appearance of the village, conserving the green spaces considered a vitally important character of the village and create the least disturbance to the existing residents.

“The consensus of opinion indicated that if there were to be any future development it should strictly adhere to the Otterton Village Design Statement.”

A planning application for 15 dwellings, including 10 affordable homes, is being considered by district planners.