Town hall say no to new home in Brixington garden

A PROPOSAL to build a bungalow in the back garden of a Brixington home has not been backed by the town hall because it could encroach on neighbours’ privacy.

The owner of 15 Haley Close has filed a bid for a detached bungalow, but neighbours have expressed concern.

Four objections raised concerns that it could open the flood gates to other back gardens being developed and that the building would be too high and overlook neighbours.

There was also a concern the building would harm the character and appearance of the area and affect neighbours’ privacy and possibly damage the drainage system.

Ian Sadler of Partridge Road added: “There is no provision for parking and they have large campervan and other vehicles. Where would they be parking?”

The town council have recommended refusal because of possible damage to the drainage system, overdevelopment, overlooking neighbours, out of keeping with

the street scene, a hazard for emergency vehicles, parking and would affect quality of life for residents.

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Councillors added they would ‘not accept any building on this plot of land’ regardless of the design

The plans will be considered by district planners.