No’ to more homes

MOVES to double the number of new homes on a development in St Johns Road have not been backed by town planners - because of flooding and traffic fears.

Planners heard that the owners of 79 St Johns Road want to alter their original planning consent from two more buildings to four.

Neighbour Stephen Forster, of St Johns Road, said: “The proposed development is at odds with the present housing density of the area. The two-storey buildings are also out of character.

“Traffic is going to increase.”

Neighbour John Wright, of 79 St Johns Road, said: “Bassett Gardens Lane is already subsiding into my property - any additional traffic could collapse the lane completely.

“Because of the terrain of Bassett Farm Estate, my property is always flooded for several days after rain and I am concerned that any more concrete will reduce absorption and increase the flood problem.”

Cllr Trevor Cope: “I object, as I continue to do, on the grounds this is gross over-development of the plot.

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“No other buildings in the area are two storeys. This is out of keeping.

“It is overlooking Bassett Gardens and I have concerns about emergency access.

“There are sewerage concerns in St John’s Road.”