Flood concerns about Withycombe homes plan

Objectors to plans to build 52 homes in Withycombe say the recent floods give further weight to their concerns.

Developers have applied to build the homes, 20 of which will be affordable, on land by Withycombe Brook between St John’s Road, Holland Road and Hadrians Way.

Residents have previously objected to the plan for reasons including increased traffic and detriment to wildlife, but say recent events show how vulnerable the brook is to flooding.

They say the plan to build homes on the site, part of which is classed as a high flood risk by the Environment Agency, would cause further problems, not just at the site but downstream.

Alison Foster, of Holland Road, said: “If this goes ahead, the town centre and Withycombe will be at huge risk of flooding. It doesn’t take a genius to work out if you put 52 properties in a valley flood plain, the brook won’t be able to cope.

“The consequences could be terrible.

“We’re not against affordable housing in any shape or form, but the cost of having this could be detrimental to a lot more people.”

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Alison’s husband Simon has also pointed out that the site planned for the development has been allocated as recreation and wildlife space in the draft East Devon Local Plan.

As the consultation on the development has now closed, he has asked people with concerns about the plan to email him at sp.foster@sky.com, so he can report them to East Devon District Council.

Exmouth Town Council has previously supported the development, subject to more information being provided on road construction and an adequate flood risk assessment being submitted.

The town council will now consider revised plans at a meeting this Monday, before EDDC makes the final decision.