Exmouth homes ‘on the move’

Homes in Littleham face a change of address delivery drivers are confused by their location.

A handful of homes in Littleham, causing confusion to delivery drivers, are facing postal address changes.

East Devon District Council has contacted residents living close to the end of a footpath in Jarvis Close, along Littleham Road, proposing to amend their address to rectify the problem.

A 72-year-old resident, who did not want to be named, said not everyone living at 31-36 Jarvis Close was in favour of scrapping the address for the new name – 1-6 Jarvis Bungalows, Littleham Road.

The pensioner said illuminated numbers on the front of properties and signage would rectify any delivery problems currently caused by the bungalows being located away from the main Jarvis Close site.

He said registering a new address would cause hassle and take time.

The resident said: “Not everybody is for it. It’s going to cause no end of problems, just for this little area.”

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The district council said the decision was taken to change the address after a resident encountered a number of difficulties with delivery companies trying to locate her home.

Many delivery drivers had been baffled by the Jarvis Close address in comparison to the location of the homes in Littleham Road, opposite the Bidmead Centre.

The district council said the name change ‘made sense’ because the access of the properties was primarily from Littleham Road.

The council said it would be responsible for amending all its records while providing change of address letters for residents to show their bank and other utility providers.

The district council said it recognised the address change would involve ‘some inconvenience’ in the short term, but would rectify any problems locating the properties currently experienced by residents.

The council said the change would also better assist the emergency services to locate the homes.

An EDDC spokeswoman said: “A request for this change to the official postal address has now been submitted to Royal Mail and East Devon District Council is waiting for them to confirm.

“This change is going ahead, but it will not be ‘official’ until Royal Mail sends East Devon the confirmation, hopefully sometime this week.”