District HQ move to Honiton and Exmouth progressing

Consultants have been charged with investigating the viability of the district council moving some departments to Exmouth Town Hall, and the rest to Honiton, to save cash.

East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) cabinet agreed last week on a technicality which will help ‘expedite the commencement of the relocation project’.

It follows the council’s deputy chief executive, Richard Cohen, who is in charge of the project, saying that he wanted to dispel the myth the move was being done in a ‘clandestine manner’, and keep the public informed at every stage.

Mr Cohen said: “Having been accused of secrecy and deception, I thought I had better reveal myself.”

The cabinet met behind closed doors, with Mr Cohen and the council principal estates surveyor reviewing a report on the current status of the project.

They also agreed to speed things up by appointing consultants Kensington Taylor.

A spokesman said: “The conclusion you can draw is that the council is currently still pursuing the principle of the relocation and is gathering information to help decide if it would be viable.”