A LITTLEHAM mum-of-three says that council bosses moved her young family into a ‘deathtrap’.

But East Devon District Council say they have repaired most of their Nelson Drive home and at least one appointment for repairs has been cancelled.

When Amy Hill, 24, moved in last November, with one-year-old Kyle, Mia, aged four, and seven-year-old Chelsea, she found a broken front door with glass on the floor, dog excrement in the kitchen and damaged power sockets.

The garden’s centrepiece was a hill of Tarmac with broken glass and razor blades protruding from it, glass was falling out of the rotting window frames, while leaky bath taps shorted out the fuse box, plunging the house into darkness.

Then burglars attempted to break-in, smashing a window, and a taped-up water pipe burst, ruining her new carpet, baby clothes, clean washing, curtains and electrical equipment.

But, she said, EDDC were only prepared to compensate her for the carpet and she said: “The place was a deathtrap, not fit for habitation, let alone for bringing up three small children.

“I couldn’t let them play outside and I had my dad sort out the electrics.

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“I don’t even have a proper front door. The one I have is just a sheet of plastic with a hole for letters. I don’t feel safe.”

Most of the repairs have been completed, but Amy is still waiting for repairs to the water pipe.

“They arranged repairs, but I was told not to be in the house and take the children because of the asbestos. But I have nowhere to go.”

An EDDC spokesman said: “A new door will be fitted… and the tenant will be offered a choice.

“There has been a leak in the soil pipe which has caused some water damage… repairs were made once it was reported… but as the soil stack is asbestos, a replacement has been ordered.

“At least one appointment has been cancelled.

“If the tenant would like to contact the contractor, a mutually convenient appointment will be arranged.

“Ms Hill should present us with a list of items damaged and we will assess the level of compensation through our insurers… our maintenance surveyor can be contacted if Ms Hill has any other concerns, and he will also handle the compensation claim.”