Councillors and school object to Exmouth flats plan


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Plans to build 12 new flats in Exmouth have been opposed by town planners, with the proposed access to the site described as ‘dangerous’.

The plan is for the site of 22 and 24 Albion Hill.

An application for 14 flats on the site had been opposed by Exmouth Town Council last year before being withdrawn, and at the most recent council planning meeting there were renewed objections, with councillors saying the flats would be overbearing, out of keeping, and would cause traffic problems. The scheme has also proved unpopular with local residents, with more than 70 public objections submitted, including from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, which raised concerns about the safety of children walking to school.

In a letter of objection, acting headteacher Nicola Taylor-Bashford wrote: “The increase in site traffic and then the subsequent increase in traffic from the apartments concerns me.”

Comparing the new application with the previous one, Councillor Tim Dumper told the planning committee: “It’s not changed in any substantial form. Our objections from last year I’m sure will stand.”

Councillor Bill Nash, who had voted in favour of the previous application, said: “When last year this was refused by Exmouth Town Council, at that stage county highways [officers] had not put in a comment.

“They have now put in a comment and disappointingly the developers have not bothered to address the comments county highways have raised – quite important comments, actually making the access [to the site] quite dangerous.”

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