Controversial Courtlands Cross plan resubmitted

A controversial plan to build 154 new homes at Courtlands Cross has been resubmitted by developers.

The plan would see the homes being built on a site to the northwest of the Cross, by the A376 between Lympstone and Exmouth.

A previous bid to build the homes on the site was rejected last year after the district council received more than 650 letters of complaint from local residents.

The developers, Strategic Land Partnerships, say that they would be building business units, a doctor’s surgery, a shop/cafe, a creche/nursery and community facilities alongside the new houses.

Additional plans to build a 50-bed care home on the site have now been dropped.

The developers are also planning to close off Courtlands Lane from Lympstone and to build a new road junction on to the A376 to provide access to the development.

The re-submitted plans will now be considered by Lympstone Parish Council and Exmouth Town Council, and Lympstone residents have already come out against the plans.

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Lympstone Parish Councillor Rob Longhurst said: “There is no fundamental difference with the previous application, so our previous objections still stand.

“The new application in no way answers the district council’s reasons for refusal in 2010 concerning the Local Plan and the Green Wedge, and clearly breaches district council policy.

“The change to Courtlands Lane would increase traffic and the removal of the care home makes no difference.”

Former Courtlands Action Group member Hywel Parry-Jones said: “This is just the same old development dressed in different clothes.

“The developers do not seem to appreciate the depth of feeling against any development on this land, which was granted Green Wedge status by EDDC to protect Lympstone from the sustained growth of Exmouth.”

Lympstone Parish Council has called a village meeting to discuss the plans, which will take place at the village hall this Monday, (June 27) at 8pm.

The plans will then be formally considered by the council at its meeting on July 4.

Exmouth Town Council is also expected to hold a public meeting to discuss the plans shortly.

Public comments and objections about the plans must be received by the district council by July 6.