Call to move police station

Exmouth police station should be considered for relocation to Liverton Business Park, according to the town Council.

The council is to send a written request to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, asking them to consider the move.

The council will also suggest that the police take over a town centre shop unit, in order to increase their presence in the town centre.

The idea has been put forward by former county councillor Ken Turner, who says the move would improve the police service and free up town centre land for development.

He said: “If the police moved to Liverton, then the three emergency services would be together.

“I think the move would help the services and it would also free up the police station as a brown field site for extra housing.

“At the same time, if the police took over a town centre shop, you could have a bright blue light there on Friday and Saturday night, with a police presence, because at the moment you get disturbances and no-one knows where the police are.

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“I think it’s a matter of looking at the assets they’ve got and asking if they are best used as they are at the moment.”

The plan will be formally considered by the police authority on receipt of the council’s request.

As well as asking about the police station, councillors have also raised the issue of the neighbouring magistrates’ court building, controlled by the court services, which they believe could also be used for development.

Cllr Steve Gazzard said: “The court has been empty for years.

“It would be an ideal place for affordable housing.”