Budleigh: new allotment plans revealed

An outline planning application has been submitted by Clinton Devon Estates, who propose to build up to 50 homes on allotments at Greenway Lane

Community views have helped shape outline plans to build affordable homes on allotments at Greenway Lane.

When Clinton Devon Estates announced it proposed to build up to 50 homes on the site, some affordable, the community rallied round to save the existing allotments.

Clinton Devon Estates and architects Lacey Hickie Caley said community views had been reflected in outline plans, where the landowner proposes to retain more than half the current plots.

The new designs, which form an outline planning application submitted to East Devon District Council, propose up to 50 sustainable new homes, with 40 per cent earmarked as affordable for local families.

Clinton Devon Estates said the plans had been developed from the most preferred option from the public consultation.

Included in the submitted plans are:

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l The retention of more than half of the allotments in their current location with replacement and additional high-quality allotments being created to the north.

l Provision of an average of two private parking spaces per dwelling.

l Provision of a number of community parking spaces along the access drive to ease the existing parking situation along Greenway Lane.

l Proposed new homes along the street frontage featuring a ‘gateway’ into the site allowing green views over the allotments.

Leigh Rix, head of property and land at Clinton Devon Estates, said: “The valuable feedback we have received from the community and from allotment gardeners has played a very important part in influencing this layout.

“We have listened to what people had to say and, in response, we have retained in situ as many of the allotments as possible.

“We will also be creating new and additional high-quality allotments on land to the north of the existing site, which will, hopefully, help to ease the long waiting list and provide raised beds for those who need them.

“Most importantly, we hope this scheme will provide much-needed affordable housing for some of the young local families we have heard from, who are struggling to find a home in the town they were brought up.”

The affordable homes will be managed by Cornerstone housing association.