No more shotguns at East Devon - tis a hooter these days!

Thursday, December 5, 2013
10:36 AM

Thirty-eight pairs competed in the seniors Greensome Shotgun competition at East Devon on Monday, writes Paul Willoughby.

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This is winter and the sun only has another three weeks before it is at its lowest. The leaves are being blown off the trees and snow is forecast for some parts of the UK later in the week, so what on earth were we doing putting our names down for a competition which requires us to set our alarms at 7am? The sun hadn’t even risen by the time most of us left for the club – we must be mad. That’s not the half of it; once at the club we had to make our way to our allotted starting tee and some of us drew the short straw and had to start at the seventh – as far away from the clubhouse as you can get.

It was an 8.15am start. In the good old days it was a proper shotgun which started us off but no longer. Maybe it’s Health and Safety through a fear of where the pellets might fall but now we have a hooter to blast us off. Not the same at all – maybe we should call it the Seniors Greensome Hooter competition but somehow that doesn’t sound right!

I won’t explain to the non golfers what a Greensome is – I see a yawn coming on already (!) but it’s a fun format and there were some excellent scores. The winning team with an outstanding 43 points was Brian Welch and Ken Barrett. Very well done. I had the pleasure of playing with the runners up, Phil Keen and Tom Kenny who had a very good 40 points – oh those blobs and bushes! Notwithstanding their occasional visits to the undergrowth they had 23 points on the back nine.

Third, but only on countback, also with 40 points was the team of Kim Johnson and David Adamson who had a back nine of 22.

Some golfers are lucky enough to have golfing spouses with whom they can share their success or woes but all golfers will put their heads on the pillow the night after the competition and think their way through the round with frequent thoughts of, “If only I had…”. Never mind, there’s always next time.


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