Here we have for you NINE quizes for you to work your way through over the festive period. They can be copy and pasted and the results are shown after each individual quiz - have fun!

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The following are nicknames of famous footballers – but what are their real names?

1 The Kaiser , 2 Crazy Horse, 3 The Galloping Major, 4 The Preston Plumber, 5 The White Feather, 6 Der Bomber , 7 The Fifth Beatle, 8 The Wizard of Dribble,

9 The Lion of Vienna, 10 The Divine Ponytail

Nickname answers 1 Franz Beckenbauer, 2 Emlyn Hughes, 3 Ferenc Puskas, 4 Tom Finney, 5 Fabrizio Ravanelli, 6 Gerd Muller, 7 George Best, 8 Stanley Matthews, 9 Nat Lofthouse, 10 Roberto di Baggio


1 Who was the youngest golfer to compete in the 2002 Ryder Cup?

2 What is the connection between Charlton Athletic FC and the capital of Anguilla?

3 Who was the first boxer to receive a knighthood?

4 Which cricket legend was thanked by Sir Tim Rice during an Oscar acceptance speech?

5 What connects the death of Archduke Ferdinand and the 1984 Winter Olympics?

6 Which is the only country to host a Summer Olympic Games in consecutive decades of the 20th century?

7 In the world of sport what has maximum dimensions of 60 metres by 30 metres?

8 In which sport do the rules state that the water must be a minimum of 1 metre deep?

9 What is the official national sport of Bulgaria?

10 Which team were the opponents of Manchester United when Eric Cantona launched a kung fu style assault on a spectator?

11 In which sport do competitors perform a J lean and a bell lean?

12 Who was Evander Holyfield fighting in a world title bout when a parachutist descended into the ring?

13 Which former captain of the England football team has the middle names of Emerson Carlyle?

14 Which famous ship do the runners pass after completing 10 km of the London Marathon?

15 Who was the first John to be crowned snooker World Champion?

16 Which singer performed at the opening ceremonies of the 1994 football World Cup and the 1995 rugby league World Cup?

17 Which was the third Asian country to play Test cricket?

18 What is the connection between a 1958 film starring Kirk Douglas and Minnesota’s American football team?

19 Which German was voted European Sportsman of The Year in 1994?

20 Who captained the 1987 cricket world champions?

1 Sergio Garcia 2 The Valley is the capital of Anguilla and Charlton’s home ground 3 Henry Cooper 4 Dennis Compton 5 Both took place in Sarajevo 6 The USA in the 80s and 90s 7 An ice skating rink 8 Water polo 9. Weightlifting 10. Crystal Palace

11 Canoeing 12 Riddick Bowe 13 Paul Ince 14 Cutty Sark15 John Pulman 16 Diana Ross 17 Sri Lanka 18 The Vikings 19 Michael Schumacher 20 Allan Border


1 What colour of caps are worn by the Australian national cricket team?

2 Which county plays at home at the St Lawrence Ground?

3 What kind of fruit is depicted on the badge of Worcestershire County Cricket Club?

4 In 2002 who announced his retirement from international cricket having amassed a career total of 8029 runs in 128 Tests?

5 Which king declared cricket illegal in 1477?

6 Which country won the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?

7 What connects the badges of Hampshire, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire?

8 Which county did Graham Gooch represent throughout his cricket career?

9 In 1987 who was the last England captain of the 20th century to win an Ashes Series?

10 Whose autobiography is entitled Dazzler?

Answers 1 Green 2 Kent 3 Pear 4 Mark Waugh 5 Edward IV6 West Indies 7 All depict a rose 8 Essex 9 Mike Gatting 10 Darren Gough


1 Who was the first boxer to beat Lennox Lewis in a professional fight?

2 Which former Formula 1 World Champion has the middle names Ernest Deveraux?

3 Who was the first British female tennis player to win 8 Grand Slam titles?

4 For which English football club did Ally McCoist play as a teenager?

5 Which former European Footballer of the Year once played bass guitar for a pop group called Revelation Time?

6 In which sport did childcare expert Dr Benjamin Spock win an Olympic gold medal in 1924?

7 Which sport employs the Stableford scoring system?

8 In which sport do competitors begin playing in front of the south stake?

9 In which African city was the 1995 rugby union World Cup final played?

10 What is the most northerly city to have staged a football World Cup final?

11 What is the connection between Alex Higgins, Barry McGuigan and Jimmy White?

12 Who was the first cricketer to record forty ducks in Test Cricket?

13 Which city hosted the first World Athletics Championships?

14 Which team dropped out of the Football League in 1931 and had to wait until 1978 to return?

15 In which country did the game of ice hockey originate?

16 In which decade were women’s track and field events introduced into the Olympics?

17 In which sport would you find a telltale, a service box and a tin?

18 The racehorse Brigadier Gerard was named after a literary character created by which author?

19 In 1991 that became the first boxer to win world titles in six different weight categories?

20 In the game of golf what is a mulligan?


1, Oliver McCall, 2 Damon Hill, 3 Ann Jones, 4 Sunderland, 5 Ruud Gullit 6 Rowing, 7 Golf, 8 Croquet, 9 Johannesburg 10 Stockholm in 1958, 11 All have wind connected nicknames, The Hurricane, Clones Cyclone and Whirlwind, 12 Courtney Walsh, 13 Helsinki, 14 Wigan Athletic, 15 Canada, 16 1920s, at the 1928 games, 17 quash, all parts of a squash court, 18 Arthur Conan Doyle 19 Thomas Hearns 20 A free shot


1 How many Epsom Derbies did Lester Piggott win?

2 In which US city is the world renowned Kronk boxing gymnasium?

3 Other than Falkirk, which Scottish football league club play their home matches in Falkirk?

4 At which sporting venue do competitors travel down the Brabham Strait?

5 In which sport might competitors negotiate a hog’s back and a double oxer?

6 Who scored England’s second goal in the 1966 World Cup final?

7 Who defeated Frank Bruno when he fought for the world title for the first time?

8 At the 1998 Commonwealth Games which nation won the gold medal for cricket?

9 In 1981 who became the first West Indian born cricketer to play for England?

10 Who was the first British Formula One motor racing world champion?

11 What was the first city outside of Europe to host the Summer Olympics?

12 In which country is the world’s highest golf course?

13 Which Grand National winning horse of the 1980s was named after a lighthouse?

14 In 2000 Jackie Joyner Kersee set a new world record in which event?

15 In what year was the FA Cup final known as The White Horse Final played?

16 Johnny Leach and Fred Perry have both been world champions in which sport?

17 Who was the first bowler to take 400 test wickets in cricket?

18 Which weight category was introduced into boxing by the WBC in 1979?

19 Who scored all five goals when England beat Cyprus 5-0 in a 1975 international?

20 What make of car did Steve Davis receive as a prize for making the first ever televised 147 break?


1 Nine, 2 Detroit, 3 East Stirling, 4 Brands Hatch, 5 Show jumping, 6 Martin Peters

7 Tim Witherspoon, 8 South Africa, 9 Roland Butcher. 10 Mike Hawthorn, 11

St Louis in the USA in 1904, 12 Peru, 13 Corbiere, 14 Heptathlon, 15 1923, the first played at Wembley, 16, Table tennis, 17, Richard Hadlee, 18, Cruiserweight, 19 Malcolm McDonald, 20 Lada, the tournament was the Lada Classic


1 What is the alternative name of the Spanish ball game pelota?

2 What is a natatorium?

3 At which golf venue would you find the Kings Course and the Wee Course?

4 Which French nobleman instigated the modern Olympics in 1896?

5 Who was the first footballer to miss a penalty in a Wembley FA Cup final?

6 What is the connection between Bolton Wanderers FC and Only Fools And Horses?

7 In what year were electronic score boards used in the Summer Olympics for the first time?

8 The headquarters of which sporting body is found at 42, Portman Square, London?

9 Which American sports star died in a plane crash in October 1999?

10 Who made his 110th and final Test appearance for the West Indies in 1985?

11 Of the twelve founder members of the football league, which comes first in an alphabetical list?

12 What nationality is Erki Nool, the decathlon gold medal winner at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

13 At which football ground are the ashes of Sir Stanley Matthews buried?

14 Who is the only cricketer to be voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in the 1980s?

15 Which NHL hockey franchise is based in Colorado?

16 In which city do Boca Juniors FC play their home matches?

17 In which sport is an acrobatic manoeuvre known as hot-dogging?

18 In 2002 which Scottish boxer was crowned World Featherweight Champion?

19 Giraffe and boomerang are both styles of service in which game?

20 At which golf course is the second hole called Black Rock?


1 Jai Alai, 2 A swimming pool, 3 Gleneagles, 4 Pierre de Coubertin, 5 John Aldridge

6 Trotters, Bolton’s nickname and the sitcom family, 7 1960, 8 The Jockey Club, 9 Golfer, Payne Stewart, 10 Clive Lloyd , 11 Accrington Stanley, 12 Estonian 13 The Britannia Stadium, home of Stoke City, 14, Ian Botham 15 Colorado Avalanche, 16 Buenos Aires 17, Skiing, 18, Scott Harrison, 19, Real tennis. 20 Royal Troon


1 How old was Pele when he scored in his first World Cup final?

2 In which city was the first match of the 2002 World Cup played?

3 Which nation lost in the final of successive World Cups in the 1980s?

4 Who presented the Jules Rimet Trophy to the 1934 World Cup winners?

5 Which country hosted the World Cup in 1982?

6 In which World Cup finals was the greatest number of goals scored, 171 in total?

7 Who scored for England after just 27 seconds of a World Cup match in 1982?

8 Which player holds the record for the most goals scored in a World Cup tournament?

9 Who is the only player to play in three World Cup winning sides?

10 Name the five African countries that took part in the 2002 World Cup finals.

1 17, 2 Seoul, 3 West Germany, 4 Benito Mussolini, 5 Spain, 6 The 1998 World Cup in France, 7 Bryan Robson, 8 Just Fontaine, with 13 goals in 1958, 9 The great Pele again, in 58, 62 and 70, 10 South Africa, Tunisia, Cameroon, Nigeria and Senegal


1 Which American baseball team are known as the Diamondbacks?

2 From which club did Newcastle United sign David Ginola?

3 Which cricket county’s emblem comprises of three swords?

4 Who won Britain’s first gold medal at the 2002 Sydney Olympics?

5 How many goals did Gary Lineker score for England?

6 Which rugby union nation sports a silver fern emblem on its shirts?

7 How many consecutive strikes need to be bowled to achieve a perfect score of 300 in ten pin bowling?

8 Who was the first player to appear in the final of ten World Darts Championships?

9 In which American state was the first Ryder Cup contested?

10 What collective nickname was given to the tennis stars, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cocket, Rene LaCoste and Jean Borotra?

11 Who was the first footballer to score 100 goals in England’s Premiership?

12 Which golfer won his fourth World Matchplay Championship in 2002?

13 What sport is played by the Belfast Giants?

14 There are 10 different ways to be given out at cricket. Of the ten which is the most recent addition to the rules?

15 Who did Boris Becker beat in the final when winning his first Wimbledon title?

16 Who did England beat 134 - 0 in a 2001 rugby union international?

17 Why was horse racing banned in Britain in November 1967?

18 By what shorter name is the sports star Arthur Antunes Coimbra better known?

19 Which cricket county are know as the Steelbacks?

20 Which sport featured in the book Death In The Afternoon?

Answers 1 Arizona Diamondbacks, 2 Paris St Germaine, 3 Middlesex, 4 The cyclist, Jason Queally 5 48, 6 New Zealand, 7 12, 8 Eric Bristow, 9 Massachusetts, 10 The Four Musketeers 11 Alan Shearer, 12 Ernie Els, 13, Ice hockey, 14 Timed out, 15 Kevin Curren, 16 Romania, 17 Due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease 18 Zico, 19 Northamptonshire, 20 Bull fighting


1. Which sport would you play if you were a toxophilite?

2. Which sport’s playing area must be exactly nine feet long and five feet wide?

3. Which sport do the Chicago Bear play?

4. Which sport involves stones and a house?

5. With which sport would you associate David Bryant?

6. In which sport might you see the two teams defending different size goals?

7. Chris Boardman is famous in which sport?

8. In which sport do players take long and short corners?

9. Which sport has a finish line that no competitor will ever cross?

10. In 1990 which item of kit was made compulsory for all footballers by FIFA?

11. From what material is a snooker cue tip made?

12. What is the white bal in bowls called?

13. A cricket bat is traditionally made of which wood?

14. In which sport might you come across blue, red, white and yellow dots?

15. What colour is the centre scoring zone on an archery target?

16. Which position is played by the number 10 in rugby union?

17. How many players are there in a hurling team, 11, 13 or 15?

18. How many days does the Tour de France last?

19. In which court sport do you wear gloves and hit the ball against a wall?

20. What is the maximum number of clubs a golfer may use in a round of golf?

21. How many balls are on the table at the start of standard game of pool?

22. How many tuggers are there on each side in a ‘tug of war’?

23. Which sport are you not allowed to play left handed?

24. In snooker what is the penalty for going in-off the yellow?

25. What are the three types of swords used in fencing competitions?

26. How many times can a volleyball be touched by one team before it must cross the net?

27. How many players are there in an ice-hockey team?

28. How many hurdles will a runner jump over in a 110m men’s hurdle race?

29. How long is a ten-pin bowling lane? 60ft, 80 ft or 100ft?

30. How many players are there in a Rugby League team?

Answers: 1 Archery, 2 Table Tennis, 3 American Football, 4 Curling, 5 Bowls, 6 Water Polo, 7 Cycling, 8 Hockey, 9 Swimming, 10 Shin pads, 11 Suede, 12 Jack, 13 Willow, 14 Squash, 15 Gold, 16 fly-half, 17 15, 18 22, 19 Fives, 20 14, 21 16, 22 8, 23 Polo, 24 4 points, 25 foil, epee and sabre. 26 3, 27 6, 28 10, 29 60 feet, 30 13.


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