Richie Evans

Weight loss charity challenge for Exmouth man

Friday, February 17, 2012
10.16 AM

An Exmouth dad aims to lose a quarter of his body weight for charity.

Richie Evans, 44, from Victoria Road, weighs more than 19stone and wants people to sponsor him with proceeds to go to Stallcombe House, a residential community for adults with learning disabilities.

Richie’s intense healthy eating and training programme is being guided by Hands-on Health in Victoria Road.

He said: “There’s a cut-off point for everyone, and 2012 is the year for me, while I’m still a relatively young man, to sort out my weight and fitness before

it spirals out of control.

“I want to be fit enough to do stuff with my kids, and continue with that as they, and I, get older.

“I’m also a huge supporter of those who help the local community, and this is a good way to raise Stallcombe House’s profile locally.”

From early March, Richie will be issuing regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and the Hands-on Health blog page, as well as keeping a video diary: “With these incentives, I’ll work that bit harder,” he added.

Albie McMahon, partner at Hands-on Health, who has adopted Stallcombe House as their adopted charity, will be taking Richie through his training, and nutritional therapist Lesley Harper will be advising him on his diet.

While Stallcombe House farm will provide him with some of its fresh produce as a contribution to his healthy eating regime.

Richie’s sponsorship forms are available from Hands-on Health, Stallcombe House and The Grapevine.