Film making at Clayton House, Littleham. Peter Snelling from My Pockets came in to talk to the EDDC Switch Club about making films. Picture by Simon Horn. Ref exe 3211-06-12SH. To order your copy of this photograph, go to and click on myphotos24

‘Switch’ is
open to all

Monday, February 20, 2012
3.00 PM

Littleham hopes to spread its community spirit far and wide by inviting those living in other areas in Exmouth to join in a host of free activities.

Littleham is hoping to spread its community spirit throughout Exmouth by inviting people living in other areas to join its free activities.

The Switch project aims to bring young people of all ages together in a bid to promote positive free-time activities.

The weekly group runs every Monday at Clayton House to celebrate community spirit, while boosting youth skills.

The sessions, which are free, run from 4pm until 6pm for 11-14-year olds, and 6pm until 8pm for 18-25-year olds.

Community youth development worker Polly Anderson said the Switch project was a way of reaching young people in Exmouth. She said Littleham had ‘great’ community spirit, which could be extended to those living in other areas of the town.

She added that, while the group was held in Littleham, those living in other areas of Exmouth were welcome to go along.

Polly said: “It brings the community together to have fun and do something positive. It’s recognising what’s already within the community and enhancing it. Switch is an outlet where people can express themselves and put a positive slant on their life experiences.”

Switch activities include putting on one-off community events, such as film, music and festival projects.

Regular clubs, like Little-uns toddler group, which meets every Monday at 12.30pm, is also part of the project, giving parents and carers the chance to meet while their children play.

Youths enrolling as community volunteers are given support and help to boost their CV.

The group is run in conjunction with the East Devon Community Safety Partnership and funded by East Devon District Council’s housing revenue account.

● For more information about Switch, contact youth community development workers Victoria Robinson and Polly Anderson on 01395 516551, ext 2372, or drop in at one of the sessions.