Much-loved dog Rosie escaped death from drowning when her owner gave the pet the kiss of life.

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Dog owner Linda Elt gave her much-loved pet the kiss of life when it stopped breathing after a near-drowning off Exmouth beach, writes Becca Gliddon.

Linda, 63, feared eight-year-old Jack Russell terrier Rosie was dead after the dog got into difficulty in choppy waters at the duck pond, near the Imperial Recreation Ground.

Her owner’s mouth-to-mouth resuscitation efforts brought the rescue dog back to life after fully-clothed Linda swam to pluck Rosie’s lifeless body from the water.

She took her pet to Howard House vets, who gave Rosie oxygen.

Widowed Linda, who suffers from memory loss and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), said her dog almost drowned while fetching a stick from the water during a final throw.

Linda said: “My dogs are my family. I would have been devastated to lose Rosie.

“She was lying like a rag doll. She was diminished. She was just flat. There was no air in her chest.

“If I had lost her from something as simple as throwing a stick, I would always have been guilty of ‘one more time’.”

Rosie’s owner said she spun the lifeless dog around her head, to release the water in her pet’s lungs, and then gave her the kiss of life.

Linda said she would like to thank a number of Good Samaritans who came to her aid during and after the drama, including a six-month pregnant dog walker who helped carry Rosie to safety.

She also praised Seaforth Hotel owner Pete Hewitt for putting up Linda and her three dogs following the trauma.


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