Let there be lights-David Green from Eagle IT, Daniel Smith who runs Vibrant Pulse and Town Clerk Colin Poole are three of the faces behind the Exmouth Christmas Lights. Other prominent members of the group are chairman Laura Freeman, Miranda Wood, Baz Miller and Pat Stephen. The christmas light swill be switched on this Saturday afternoon during the Christmas Cracker event. Photo by Simon Horn. Ref exe 2054-48-12SH To order your copy of this photograph go to www.exmouthjournal.co.uk and click on MyPhotos24.

Exmouth’s lights ready to be switched on

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
4.40 PM

The Exmouth Christmas Lights (ECL) Team’s efforts all year have finally paid off as Exmouth sees its Christmas lights returned after a dark Christmas last year.

In 2011, due to lack of funding, Exmouth went without Christmas lights, leaving the town dull and gloomy during one of the most jolly times of the year.

This spurred ECL’s founder, Laura Freeman, into action, with Laura calling on Exmouth people to come together and raise the money as a community.

This lead to the official formation of ECL, a non-profit organisation aiming to help raise money towards the Christmas lights in Exmouth on a yearly basis.

“The success of ECL this year is the result of a group effort,” said Laura Freeman. “So many organisations and residents have donated money to ECL, provided us with sponsored goods, and given the organisation a lot of their spare time.

“ECL’s core committee members are made up of less than 10 people, who all work full time or have their own businesses, and I am personally so grateful to these guys who have given ECL so much – you all have my deepest thanks.

“Although we have managed to raise the money for this year’s Christmas lights, we still desperately need money towards next year’s lights, and urge anyone in Exmouth who wants the lights to stay in the town next year to get involved.

For more details, you can visit www.exmouthchristmaslights.co.uk

Laura also said: “Don’t forget to like our Facebook page by searching for Exmouth Christmas Lights.

“We are trying to get 500 Likes by Christmas!”

Whilst celebrating their success, the ECL Team will also be hosting a stall at the Exmouth Christmas Cracker on December 1, (as well as officially switching on the Christmas tree lights), with lots of games and prizes to be won, awareness leaflets, membership sign-ups, as well as promoting a ’70s and ’80s themed night in February at the Exmouth Pavilion, with all of the profits going towards the ECL pot for Christmas 2013.